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Hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and beginning of the new year.

We had an Open House right before Christmas and the animals got all dressed up for it! These are some of the best pictures from it! Jiminy (the little black and white goat) had a sweater on too but Jack the goat did not like the shiny bow that was on it and kept pulling on until he got the sweater off of Jiminy!

We had an enjoyable Christmas until everyone got Covid after the holidays (like the rest of the country!) Even family members that we didn't see ended up with it at the same time!

Then it got COLD! If you are in Minnesota like we are you know what I'm talking about. My parents went on two trips for work and had me watch the farm and both times were when we got the cold snaps where the temps were in the negatives the whole time! I think my mom planned it that way,,,looked at the 10 day forecast and said these are the coldest days, so we'll go out of town on those days!

All the creatures had decided that going outside was not going to happen (except for the young alpacas). They were the only ones brave enough to go outside during the cold times!

Nova and Squirt are seeking some warmth from the heat lamp!

One day I was at the farm and my dad came inside and said the goats had escaped and asked me to wrangle them up. He struggles with them...I think they are usually easy. Goats are highly food motivated creatures so they usually will follow me as long as I have grain. I got to the barn and they were already in the barn and waiting. I tossed some food in their stall and they went in! Well, everyone but Miley who had climbed to the top of the hay pile and was content to eat hay up there, I found it quite impressive that Miley got all the way up there with how large she is at the moment (there should be some babies soon).

I convinced Miley she really wanted the grain and she jumped down and ran over to the stall also. That's when I realized there was no Boots! He doesn't usually go far from the ladies and I couldn't find him anywhere. I checked the barn, outside hay storage, the alpaca barn, both goat pastures and nothing. I finally went inside and told my mom that I could not find Boots but everyone else was accounted for. She then said "Oh, I thought I told you. He went to another farm for a bit to visit some other girl goats".

Until next time!


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