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It's Christmas Time!

Are you all ready for the holidays? We are working in it around here!

Last weekend we had a full weekend of holiday goodness!

We had a Christmas party that wanted alpacas to visit!

So Friday night found us downtown Minneapolis! We were across the street from the Basilica!

We loaded the panels for the pen in the bed of the truck. We took Emerson and Talladega. Dega was fairly easy to get into the back seat. His is smaller and my mom lifted him up a bit and he was good to hop in. Emerson however took some work. The driveway was a bit icy so it made him nervous. He normally has no problems hopping in, and I was trying to pull him and bribe him with grain but no matter what we tried he was not budging. He would try to reach the grain and he'd lift on foot and test out the step on the truck and then he'd feel slippy and would just stop! Finally, between the two of us, my mom and I were able to lift him up enough that he jump up.

It was a fun party! There was music, dancing, food, lights and some crazy costumed creatures! Emerson was not sure what to think of the Yeti!

Last Saturday, my mom was at the Prior Lake Farmer's Market and they had Santa there!

Then on Sunday we had our first December Open House. We had a great time! It had snowed earlier in the week so it definitely felt like Christmastime!

We started the day out with more Santa hats but Cord is the only alpaca that had left his hat on for the whole day!

We have one more open house weekend coming up before Christmas! There will be more Santa hats! The 17th & 18th from noon to 4!

Until next time!


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