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Halloween Party, Babies and New Friends

The goats had a Halloween party the other day!

Here they are picking out their costumes!

Aren't they the cutest! Oreo ended up with the woodland fawn headband because Buddy started out with it but Colby kept trying to end the flowers off of it so I had to put it on the tallest goat!

We have 2 new babies: Paloma & Peso!

Paloma's mom is Skye and Peso's mom is Penny. They were born 1 week apart and are always together!

We also have 2 new boarders: Enzo and Mio the llamas. Enzo lives with the girls and Mio is with the boy alpacas

Enzo is 2 and Mio is 9 months old. It's easy to see the differences between alpacas and llamas now! Mio even though he is just a baby, is bigger than the alpacas. Even though he is bigger, he lets the older boys push him around!

Enzo loves the babies! He eats in the field with the spring boys and he is always nearby the new littles when people are out there!

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures!

Until next time


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