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Farm Going Ons

It's been awhile since I've posted and there has been a lot going on! I have moved back up to the farm so I will be spending more time here! We have new critters and new events planned! Shearing happened almost a month ago and some new projects on the farm

Young suri alpacas outside on a nice day looking at the camera
Richie and Joey

It has been an interesting spring as far as weather. It has been so wet and now so dry! It made it difficult for awhile to get spring cleanup around the farm done because the mud never seemed to dry out. We have some new buildings going up. A new chicken coop and a greenhouse!

An alpaca laying the the water in the middle of a pasture with other alpacas
Peggy Sue enjoying the water

The alpacas did enjoy the water when the creek was backed up and flooded the low areas of the pasture

We have a bunch of new critters. Baby Turkeys and Chickens. For turkeys we have some Bourbon Red and some Blue Slate chicks and we have some Jersey Giant and Brahmas. We have 3 new Nigerian Dwarf goats. Luna, Gabi and Margot! Boots is happy to have some new lady friends! And finally some new barn kittens! They are name Batman and Robin and are having fun attacking dandelions right now!

We are going to be having summer Open Houses for the first time! Once a month this summer! We hope to see you there!

Until next time enjoy a nap in the sun like Solomon!


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