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Baby Goats and St Patrick's Day Party

We have a bunch of baby goats! Nova had her kids first! They are super cute and full of energy! Nova had 3 babies: 2 girls and 1 boy. They are named Peter, Wendy and Tink!

Nova will let them jump and stand on top of her as long as she has grain! Once the grain is gone she no longer puts up with it

Miley had complications and did not make it. We will miss her a lot, but she left us with Buddy! He is stupid cute and Miley, while she had La Mancha traits, must have had some Boer in her because Buddy has some Boer traits like his floppy ears! He was born during the cold snap we had a couple of weeks ago so he has a coat and a sweater.

Nova was not nice to him when we tried to put him in the pen with the heat lamp so a new heat lamp was brought into the middle part of the barn and Jack Jack was free ranging it with Buddy. Buddy loves Jack and will snuggle with him!

Buddy likes to go on adventures and follows my mom around the barnyard! He was hanging out with ET and trying to visit Nash!

Brie's baby was born last. His name is Colby and still kinda getting his bounce figured out!

He likes to go under the work horse that holds some saddles!

We had some fun with St Patrick's day and all the critters! ET looked dapper in his green beaded tie!

We will be having an Open House on Sunday! Hope to see you there!


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