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Babies and Open Houses

Open House 9/22/2019

We have had a couple of busy weeks here at the farm. We had two open houses with great turnouts. We had alpaca walks and the barns open for people to see the animals and cider to drink and the shop open.

Mary and Owen enjoyed walking Irish

We will be having a couple more open houses this fall. Sunday Oct 6 and Sunday Oct 20th! If you are in the area you should definitely stop out. If you do make sure to see the babies.

We have a new little boy alpaca he is a few weeks old now. His name is Ferdinand and he loves his mommy and playing with his buddy Sugar (the spring baby). He is super cute and mostly white but with a few spots of fawn.

The other latest addition to the farm is a baby Jersey calf. Her name is Winnie the Moo. We call her Winnie. She is just a few weeks old and arrived on the farm on Wednesday night! Spur, the horse, is terrified of the tiny cow being in the same barn. Not the same stall or anything. Winnie is in a separate area. Spur is refusing to come into the barn to eat now!

The milk foam from the bottle makes Winnie look like a vampire calf!

That is all for now.

XO Dani


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