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Alpaca Swimming and Shearing

A few weeks ago we had shearing and the alpacas were all ready for a hair cut. We had a lot of water in the pasture with snow melt and spring rain. So when the alpacas were getting warm they decided hanging out in the water was ideal. It wasn't even that warm out the day I photographed them, but with all their fluff they were ready for a dip!

That is as long as they were not on the same side of the fence as the geese that were frequenting our pond in the spring.

Emerson was the only one brave enough to be on the same side of the fence as the goose! (Not that he got close to the goose)

The alpacas all had lots of fluff for shearing! We had an afternoon time slot this year and it was supposed to be the warmest day of the week but it turned out milder so it was a great day.

We put up panels in the barn to make smaller areas for the alpacas to hang out in. This makes it way easier to catch them when it is time to be shorn!

We usually have a couple of alpacas waiting for their turn. Like back in high school sports when you were waiting 'on deck' for your event! Some alpacas do better than others on the lead rope waiting! For some of the littles this is the first experience they have on a lead. Some were ok and Casper here was a handful!

During the shearing process, the alpacas get tied down by their legs and they have neck protectors. This does not hurt them but helps to protect them from from injuries while being shorn. Before they are released they also get their toes cut, shots and their teeth done if needed.

Though shearing can be a bit stressful, the alpacas appreciate the haircuts! It helps to enjoy the sunshine!

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