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A Wintry Thanksgiving 

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week! I enjoyed some quiet time with the hubs since the folks out of town (they spend Thanksgiving in Palm Springs with some of my siblings and extended family). It sounds like they enjoyed themselves and my mom has discovered a fondness for Pickleball!

Meanwhile back here in Minnesota we had snow! I love how pretty everything looks when it's all covered in a thick blanket of white. It almost makes up for how much I dislike what accompanies snow...the shoveling, and plowing, and feeding animals in the cold.

The alpacas however do not care that it's cold as long as there is hay!!! Must be nice the have all that fluff this time of year!

The hubs did make us a fire in the fireplace and we roasted marshmallows over the fire and drank hot cocoa while it was snowing outside and then we watched Christmas movies. It was quite delightful!

Until next time!

XO, Dani

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