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Zoey's Visit to the Farm

Zoey loves the farm. She gets to hang out with Cooper and chase squirrels. With the move to Rochester she doesn't get to do those things very often anymore. I typically brought them with me when I was going back up, but with my sister's dog there they don't come with me very often anymore. The new dog does not like my dogs is not nice when we visit. So, while she lives at the farm, Zoey and Molly don't go up with me anymore.

My mom said my sister's dog was calming down as she got a little older and I should try to bring my dogs up. The new dog is still real mean to Molly in particular. So the girls spent the day outside with me. When we lived in Illinois she would follow me throughout the barns but when we moved back to Minnesota, the wireless collars did not reach into the barns.

Usually Zoey won't go beyond the reach of the wireless collar when we visit even though she isn't wearing it. The other day though she followed me everywhere I went, even though it was one of the super hot days we had. From weeding the gardens, to the alpaca barns and tossing tree trimmings to the goats!

The girls were hanging out in front of the fans when they noticed Zoey following me. The watched Zoey closely every time we walked through the barn!

Most of the time Zoey didn't even look at them! She was much less interested in them than they were in her!

Eartag was very interested and watched her

He made himself big to make sure she wasn't a threat!

The girls followed us outside

The goats did not care about Zoey though. They were far too happy with tree clippings! Fresh leaves are their favorite treat!

Molly, however, said it was far too hot outside to go to the barn with me. She sat in the shade of the big tree by the house they whole time

That is all for now

Until next time!


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