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Winter and Vacation

Its been so long I know! Winter weather makes everything stand still on the farm. We aren't doing events and its not fun to hang out with the animals when its below zero! In January, S & I went on a vacation for 2 weeks! We went on a Caribbean cruise and stayed in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea for a week. I will have a post on Friday about the vacation! My parents are in Mexico now for 2 weeks as well. Do you know the worst thing about taking vacations? The pile up of work when you get back! With all the end of year stuff and preparing taxes and everything else. I actually read an article a while back that said most working Americans do not take vacations for that very reason; not money or time off or using vacation time for family events but that they are worried about the pile up of work when they get back!

Can you believe it is already the end of February!?! Time has just gotten away from me for sure! Yesterday and today the weather is a glorious tease. Sunny and warm and everything is melty with the taste of spring. Its not going to last long though. Midweek is supposed to go cold again. Cheddar, the La Mancha goat, has lost her hair! S came inside the other day from the barn and asked me what happened to Cheddar and I had no clue what he was talking about! She had lost her thick winter coat and just had tiny hairs growing in! In doing research the problem is either that's her normal shedding (which would be abnormal for goats but what would be normal for her) or because she is pregnant for the first time it could be caused by hormones. It was too cold out for her not to have a good coat so I bought some dog sweaters for her! #goatsinsweaters This one says 'Adorbs' which I think is appropriate because she is pretty darn adorable in her sweater

And I cannot leave a post without a picture of an alpaca! Tito is doing well and likes to make sure not a single piece of grain was dropped by any of the girls

Hope you all have a wonderful week! #woaksalpacas

-XO Dani

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