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Spring Days On The Farm

Its been a busy time on the farm! The recent rain has made everything green and full of life, we are preparing for shearing on Saturday and Miley finally had her baby.

For as gigantic as Miley was, we figured she was going to have multiples but she just had this little guy. His name is Billy and is the sweetest little goat! Miley has become the ultimate helicopter momma and is upset anytime he is not right next to her!

Yesterday my mom was in the barn and heard a commotion in the goat yard, Apparently Billy got his head stuck in a bucket and was running around the goat yard with a bucket on his head running into trees and things! Unfortunately, she did not have her phone on her to get a picture of it :( One of the girls helping out at the farm hopped into the goat yard to help him out! Maybe Miley has a reason to be a helicopter mom?

Brie and her little guy Reggie are doing good too! He is much more independent and does whatever he wants. He likes to hang out with Squirt and Pogo and ignore his momma when she calls for him

The spring weather is turning everything green. The sky was so blue the other day that it didn't seem real! The alpacas have definitely been enjoying it. It was super hot at the beginning of the week though and the alpacas will be happy to have their hair shorn!

Brulee's baby finally has a name, Praline! She loves to nap in the sun and hang out with the big alpacas and is desperate for someone to play with her. While the other alpacas are eating, she runs around and jumps on them to try to get their attention. This however doesn't do anything other than makes the other alpacas get mad at her!

Emerson is healing well. He still has a bald patch on his next where his IV was. This won't be visible anymore once shearing happens. He has to wear a mini horse halter instead of an alpaca halter so it doesn't rub his jaw and Praline has chosen him as one of her BFFs

Shearing is this weekend so I will take you behind the scenes next week!

Until Then!


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