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Shelter In Place

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Zoey's Social Distancing

Zoey's idea of social distancing is to sleep in the bed with a much more spoiled can a dog get? How are all of you handling extreme social distancing, shelter in place, safer at home or whatever protocols your state or city has enacted? We go into shelter in place tomorrow! However because of the ordinances enacted earlier its not a whole lot different, a few more places shut down but most things already were. The dogs like that we are all home most of the time now!

While the world has come to a stand still, time still marches on. Spring is arriving early this year. Thank you Puxatony Phil! He gave us an accurate prediction this year. Isn't it funny that we get weather predictions from a groundhog???

The animals are enjoying the weather warming up! The alpacas like the sunshine as well as the dogs! The snow is finally gone and they can bask in the sunlight! I saw the first robin of the year. The geese are honking as they are flying back north. End the world on the farm is an endless mud pit from the melting snow and the spring rains.

After Easter we will be starting the Alpaca Experiences again but for now it is just to muddy (and we are a nonessential business) but even before shelter in place, it was just to muddy. We've been getting requests. I assume it is because people have been shut up inside with their kids for a few weeks now and want something to do with them!

Good news, S, is working on getting some cameras set up that we can stream on the website so people can watch the alpacas from the comforts of their homes! Keep an eye out for that. The hope is to having at least one up by the end of the weekend.

He has a few set up in the barn already for keeping an eye on the animals. He is spying on the goats & Winnie during the night here! The like to snuggle.

Hopefully you are all safe & well (& no one is kicking kids or spouses to the curb yet) We still have several more weeks of this to go!

XO Dani

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