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Nova's Babies

Nova had her babies on Monday night!

Luckily we had gotten our kidding pens built the day before! We used pallets to build them with wood shaving & a heat lamp to make mama & babies comfortable. We put some towels down during the birth so that the little ones didn't get covered in bedding while they were wet.

Nova had 2 kids. Both little boys that weighed 2 lbs each. One is mostly brown & the other is black and white with markings like a Holstein!

One of my favorite things about baby goats is when they become bouncy after a couple of days! They have also figured out that they fit through the bars of the pallets!

Spur, the horse, gets to come out for extra grain. My mom has been worried about the babies because when they see someone in the barn they now come out to play. They are very tiny & Spur is large. My mom is worried that Spur will accidentally step on them so she has come up with a solution...she plops them into the feed bin & has them hand out there while Spur is out!

And make sure to stop by our Baby Watch page to watch the video stream from our kidding pen & the turkey coops.

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