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Farm Happenings

We've been busy! Brulee had a baby girl, Brie had her kid, and Miley is the size of a house and her kids have got to come soon. We have a new turkey house!

Brulee had her baby last week. Its a little girl and is super cute

Brie had a little boy a day later

We are still waiting for Miley to have her kids. She is the size of a house so she's got to have them soon!

The turkeys have a new house. They have been able to get out of their old house so they have been wandering all willy nilly!

My dad has built them a new house and enclosure out of pallets! We just need to make it pretty now

The turkey hens have found a spot in their house to start laying. Hopefully they'll go broody and we'll have some baby turkeys!

Emerson had surgery! He is recovering nicely and no longer needs his bandages. Which is good because he was figuring out how to take them off and we'd come home and the bandages were hanging around his neck like a necklace

Some sad news is that Thomas had to be put down. He was no longer able to swallow food and would've slowly starved to death. He was a good little horse and we are sad that he is gone

I think that's all that's been going on

Until next time


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