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Fall Time on the Farm

Its been busy here getting everything ready for the winter. The snow we had finally melted and gave us a week to get things done before the snow started falling again today.

My dad has been working hard on replacing the fence for the girl alpacas. The old fence posts were starting to rot and the fence was leaning! The new fence is looking good.

We had a birthday party at the farm on Saturday and Emerson escaped the boy area during the party! He was happy to go with the girls until he realized that they were locked up because of the work on the new fencing!

Everyone else enjoyed the nice fall weather over the weekend. The goats were hanging out, Cheddar was especially enjoying the trampoline! The chickens were exploring, looking for bugs to eat! Thomas was right wishing he was a big horse. Following Spur and Smoke along the fence (they left by the time I got my camera). And Achilles was not stuck under the hay feeder for once!

Avery was bored inside the barn and since they were locked up she was unable to go outside and run. So like all young bored creatures she decided to start bugging the other alpacas. She was trying to eat Midnight's hair!

The snow has come though so fall might really be over this time!

Until next time


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