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Babies, Babies Everywhere

We have alpaca babies and goat babies born last week!

Snowflake of course had her baby while my mom was out of town. I drove up to do the experiences that day. My first experience was an early one. We were over at the fence and doing our talk about alpacas and noticed Snowflake on the opposite side of the pasture in labor!

She had a healthy little boy!

We named her baby last year Yeti. We wanted to stick with our snow them so this little guy is Olaf! He is named after the snowman in Frozen

All the alpacas in the field were bugging him so much, I had to pull the baby and Snowflake out and made a spot for them in the barn!

Then a few days later Sky had her baby. Also a little boy!

Sky did not need to be separated! The herd must have gotten used to Olaf before Sky's baby came along?!? They just accepted the new baby without bothering him!

Sky is one of our alcohol lines named after Skyy Vodka. Keeping with that theme, we have decided on Goose (as in Grey Goose) as his name.

He is a speedy fast little guy and loves running at full speed!

The two little boys are always together! They were immediately best buds! Wherever you find Olaf, you find Goose!

Sometimes all the babies hang out together, but Kahlua and Praline still love to follow Lira everywhere!

A couple of days ago, Nova also had babies!

She had two girls. My mom has named them Frankie and Grace after her favorite show!

I was only able to get photos of one of them, Frankie. She is the bigger of the two. The little one when I brought out the camera was sleeping under the hay feeder and I could not get a good photo.

The chickens like to lay eggs under the hay feeder and Grace was snuggled up with an egg!

Don't forget to schedule your visit to see all the babies!

Until next time,


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