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A Cold December

Its been a very cold December but the weather is finally turning nice just in time for Christmas. Unfortunately that means that the animals have all been cooped up inside and not fun to photograph or doing much of note.

I had a gal that works for us during the summer & fall ask me once the weather started getting colder if the cold created additional work or just makes everything miserable. The answer to that question is both there's additional work in plowing and snow removal. We feed more hay when there is no grass to eat. This means we have to move more hay around from hay storage into the barns. Hoses can't be used to fill up the water because they freeze so we have to carry buckets. Then there is the fact that everything is just more miserable: frozen metal, the terrible cold, wearing tons of layers.

Jack is taking advantage of the sunny day by eating hay outside!

We have a new cat at the farm. Sophia. She was born on our farm in Illinois and we gave her to S's brother, D, when we moved back to Minnesota as a present. He loves this cat but lives in a frat house at college and with the number of people coming and going from the house all the time, she has been escaping and he is worried about her getting out and not coming back or being hit by a car or something. As this is his last year in school he is having her live with us until he has finished school.

S is in the process of installing cameras in the barn so we can keep an eye on the animals without needing to go out into the barn. Especially the horse, Spur, she's getting old and we want to make sure nothing happens to her.

He mounted 2 test cameras to make sure it would work. Its not in the best location yet but the cameras work really well. We should also be able to get some good video of goat shenanigans! They totally have more shenanigans than the alpacas!

That's all for now. Until next time

XO- Dani

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