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I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! We had a quiet Christmas and New Years here. We had to have Spur put down over the Christmas holidays. She was 34 years old and was one of our horses for 20 years.

She was the horse that my sister and I learned to ride on. We had moved from California to Washington and my parents had said my sister and I could take riding lessons when we moved since we were moving to a rural town. Being middle school aged girls, we desperately wanted to ride horses!

Spur belonged to our riding instructor and when our trainer was going to sell her, my parents decided to buy her. Our old trainer used to ride Spur in Barrel Racing competitions and Spur had placed first several times. She was a great lesson horse too. When we bought her she stayed at the stables we had lessons at until my dad had our barn built. When the barn was done, we still only had Spur, so the lady who owned the stables let us borrow Spur's friend from the stables; Princess, a white bowlegged rescue Pony.

Eventually we got Truffles and Smokey as well. We did 4H and trail riding. Spur always had to be the leader, did not like stepping in mud and would walk around muddy spots on trails. She did not like other white horses and hated cows! And loved to roll in the mud until she looked like a brown horse! She loved to go fast.

She lived a good long life and we will miss her!

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