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Teardrop Alpaca Felt Trivets

Teardrop Alpaca Felt Trivets

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Mother Nature has you covered in more ways than one with our Teardrop Alpaca Felt Trivets.

This versatile 5mm thick tastefully shaped alpaca felt pad can be used as a trivet, a hot pad, a coaster, a house plant tray, or even serve as the catch-all in your entryway for keys and cell phones.

Alpaca’s insulating and heat-resistant properties will protect you and your surfaces while keeping that home-cooked meal hotter for longer.

Alpaca is also hydrophilic, absorbing condensation before it gets a chance to leave a mark on your table, making it perfect under the pitcher of cold lemonade or under your favorite houseplant pot.

Our Teardrop Alpaca Felt pads are naturally moisture and stain-resistant, making them a care-free choice for around the kitchen and home.

The alpaca felt pads are naturally colored, so they will not fade over time, and the thickness and durability of the alpaca will keep it looking great for years to come.

Made in the USA with U.S. Grown Alpaca

Choose from Two Sizes:

- Small: Approximately 9.5” H x 9.1” W, 5mm Thick
- Large: Approximately 12.5” H x 11.25” W, 5mm Thick

Care: Alpaca is naturally stain and moisture resistant. If needed, lightly spot clean with a mild detergent and let air dry flat.

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