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Winter Alpaca Sport Sock in several colors

Extreme Alpaca Sport Sock

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  • NEW AND IMPROVED HIKING SOCKS: What can we do to improve our best hiking sock? Add some color to it. We added some red accents to help it stand out, but it still has the heart of a great outdoor/work sock! They are ideal to wear with boots or sneakers for trekking, climbing, hiking, motorcycle riding, or any other outdoor sport, any time of the year. 
  • ENGINEERED FOR THE ADVENTURIST IN YOU: This is a great year-round outdoor crew length sports sock. Being engineered for the demanding adventurist, this sock is lightweight on the leg with elastic for fitting and support. The alpaca fiber within it evaporates moisture, keeping feet dry throughout any activity. It has a special mesh stitch that allows air flow, evaporates moisture and prevents fungal growth, making it perfect for hiking, trekking, motorcycle riding, or any extreme other sport. 
  • GREAT COMFORT AND ALL-DAY HOLD: These unisex socks are designed for the extra comfort needed in an active day. They have got spandex in the entire sock, for a perfect fit and absence of wrinkles; extra reinforcement of alpaca cushioning on the toes, sole and heel, for back support during strenuous activities; and ribbing on the arch, for a snug fit and added support. Its special knitting keeps the nylon outside for durability, and the alpaca fiber inside for softness.
  • MATERIAL: The fabric is made up of 44% Alpaca, 29% Micro Fiber, 9% Nylon, 12% Spandex and 6% Lycra.
  • Made in USA.

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