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Goats Don't Get Coronavirus

While everyone is in lock down, the work continues on the farm. Stalls still need to be done, kidding pens still need to be built and fences need to be mended. With the arrival of spring, the farm work starts to ramp up!

There is the regular work. The goats enjoy being nuisances. I was cleaning stalls and the door is stuck open so I couldn't lock out the goats. Jack was standing in the spot I was trying to shovel, Miley wanted to be pet, Jack was trying to eat my shirt, Boots was head butting the pitch fork, Brie & Cheddar were jumping on the manure pile!

I cleaned out the mineral trays also and refilled them. Boots and Nova went straight for the Kelp Meal while everyone else was busy eating hay.

Boots stilling his tongue out at me!

I'll be doing a post on the supplements that I give the goats in the near future

The project for this weekend is going to be getting kidding pens set up! My dad brought home a bunch of pallets from work so that's what we will be using for the pens!

I know its a short post! It's been a long week with getting the restaurants shut down because of the coronavirus :'(

XO Dani

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