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Baby Goats

It's been a busy couple of weeks with the goats. Nova, Cheddar & Sallie all had babies.

Nova was the first to kid. She had a boy and a girl. These guys are already sold to someone who was visiting the farm the day they were born! The boy is the larger more colorful one and his name is Pogo and the little black and white one is Squirt!

Cheddar had hers a couple of days later. They are both a light brown with white on their faces. The little boy has Nigerian Dwarf ears and the little girl has La Mancha ears!

Sallie had just 1 kid. a little boy who looks like a Nigerian Dwarf.

They are all super cute!

Nova & Cheddar are sharing a pen and are getting along just fine! The babies all play together and Nova & Cheddar keep each other company. Sallie on the other hand does not get along with Nova & Cheddar & we had to create a separate pen for her and her baby.

Until next time, Dani

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